• The AEGIS Streamline liner is the first anatomically designed liner launched by ESP. Made of a firm 10 durometer silicone, the Streamline ensures durability and a custom like fit.
  • The EVA Valve is specifically designed for high-vacuum suspensions. The EVA Valve does not require the vacuum pump to be installed in or under the prosthetic socket. The pump may be installed anywhere on the prosthesis. The valve body may be unscrewed from the housing for limb examination. The double O-Ring valve stem, connects to the pump with a flexible tube, which rotates, plugs and unplugs with the valve body, thus creating a convenient quick connect/disconnect system. The valve is also serviceable in the field and was designed to fit into the ubiquitous Lyn Valve housing. Now, Prosthetists can instantly and easily change from standard suction suspension using the Lyn Valve RV to an elevated vacuum system using the EVA Valve without remaking the socket (A 4-Hole vacuum plate with a barb is presently required for the tube connection to the pump).
  • Designed for transtibial suction sockets. Auto-Expulsion suction valves release air at 1/2 psi with no adjustment.  This NEW version of the popular Lyn Slide Valve (PA0400) has now been designed to fit the industry leading Lyn Valve Auto Expulsion (PA0002) housing.

    Lyn Valve® RV Slide Retrofitable Kit Features:

    • Designed for transtibial suction sockets
    • Auto-Expulsion with 1/2 psi release pressure
    • Audible “click” indicates operation mode
    • High air flow with low noise
    • Now with retrofitable kit, can be installed where regular Lyn Valve Auto Expulsion is used
  • The NEW Quad Fit Kit (PA4000) incorporates 4 of our most popular valves that now conveniently fit one housing. The valves inside the kit are used in Trans-Femoral sockets. The clinician will now be able to fit their patient with a variety of valves, including elevated vacuum, without having to resocket. The Quad Fit Kit includes the following: (1) Lyn Valve RV Auto - Insert (PA0120). (1) Lyn Valve RV Manual - Insert (PA0301). (1) Lyn Valve RV Slide - Insert (PA0451). (1) EVA Valve – Insert (PA0501). (1) Universal Housing (PA4000/H); the same housing as the best-selling Lyn Valve Auto-Expulsion (PA0002). (1) Installation Dummy Kit (PA0002/D).
  • ESP Distal End Pads are made of pure, soft silicone gel. They are designed to provide added distal cushioning and support when worn inside a gel liner. Available in 9 sizes.
  • The AEGIS Seal-Pro by ESP is a high-quality prosthetic liner made for multi-purpose practitioner use and everyday support for patients. With simple application paired with esteemed comfort, the pre-flexed advantage of the Seal-Pro creates a truly cutting-edge device. As an industry trailblazer for critical prosthetic components, this device can be custom ordered for use on a transtibial prosthesis (Seal-Pro TT) or as a transfemoral liner version (Seal-Pro TF). Both versions are available uncovered or with a customized cover length to your unique specifications.

    Find a Solution for Transtibial Amputees with ESP

    Made of soft, durable silicone, this liner is a perfect solution for prostheses utilizing accompanying passive suction sockets, shuttle lock systems, and high vacuum applications. Please note that Seal-Pro Transtibial Liners come with standard fabric with proximal 3” uncovered. If custom fabric is desired, please provide a detailed description at the time of order and ESP will adjust as requested.

    Specific product details and key features are provided below. For more information, please view our additional pre-flexed liners or contact us today and our team will be happy to assist you.

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