The EVA Valve is specifically designed for high-vacuum suspensions. The EVA Valve does not require the vacuum pump to be installed in or under the prosthetic socket. The pump may be installed anywhere on the prosthesis. The valve body may be unscrewed from the housing for limb examination. The double O-Ring valve stem, connects to the pump with a flexible tube, which rotates, plugs and unplugs with the valve body, thus creating a convenient quick connect/disconnect system. The valve is also serviceable in the field and was designed to fit into the ubiquitous Lyn Valve housing. Now, Prosthetists can instantly and easily change from standard suction suspension using the Lyn Valve RV to an elevated vacuum system using the EVA Valve without remaking the socket (A 4-Hole vacuum plate with a barb is presently required for the tube connection to the pump).