The NEW Quad Fit Kit (PA4000) incorporates 4 of our most popular valves that now conveniently fit one housing. The valves inside the kit are used in Trans-Femoral sockets. The clinician will now be able to fit their patient with a variety of valves, including elevated vacuum, without having to resocket. The Quad Fit Kit includes the following:

(1) Lyn Valve RV Auto – Insert (PA0120).
(1) Lyn Valve RV Manual – Insert (PA0301).
(1) Lyn Valve RV Slide – Insert (PA0451).
(1) EVA Valve – Insert (PA0501).
(1) Universal Housing (PA4000/H); the same housing as the best-selling Lyn Valve Auto-Expulsion (PA0002).
(1) Installation Dummy Kit (PA0002/D).