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prodpic-opti-seal-linerThe ESP Opti-Seal® is the most versatile suspension system available.  It serves as a prosthetic suspension aid that enhances security of the limb to the prosthetic socket. It is easily and quickly installed onto ANY prosthetic liner to improve suction and/or mechanical suspension by reducing pistoning and rotation.  Bonding Adhesive included.

Just a Few of the Limitless Applications:

  • Bond to your prosthetic liner of choice in ANY location.
  • Bond to prosthetic socks to create your own sealing sock.
  • Use to enhance socket fit and manage volume change during the transition from temporary to definitive prosthesis.
  • Use Opti-Seal® with any of the industry leading ESP valves.
  • Use with locking liners to reduce pistoning and rotation.
  • May be worn directly on residual limb to enhance prosthetic suspension when no liner is used.


Bonding Adhesive



Opti-Seal® Installation Instructions