Lyn Valve® BK & BK2

prodpic-lyn-valve-bk-bk2Designed for transtibial suction sockets. Auto-Expulsion suction valves release air at 1/2 psi with no adjustment.  Low profile, 7/8” diameter.  New or retro-installation outside of socket.  Threaded Housing available for installation into soft thermoplastics.


Lyn Valve® BK & BK2 Threaded Housing

prodpic-peewee-si-threadedFor Installation of Lyn Valve® BK/BK2 Valves into soft thermoplastics.


Multi-Valve Dissassembly Tool

Used for disassembly of Lyn Valve® BK/BK2, Pee Wee® SI, and Lyn Valve® RV Slide™ and for reassembly of Pee Wee® SI Valve.



Lyn Valve® BK Disassembly & Reassembly Instructional Video


Lyn Valve® BK2 Disassembly & Reassembly Instructional Video