Lyn Valve® RV

Designed for transfemoral suction sockets. Guaranteed reliability – no holes in valve body to clog or trap skin. Releases air at 1/2 psi without adjustment. Available in Auto-Expulsion and Manual versions with push button release to break suction.


prodpic-flex-connectFlex Connect

An option that can be used with the Lyn Valve® RV to lock the plastic socket to the support frame at the valve site.  Eliminates the need for Velcro™ and rivets.




prodpic-lyn-valve-rv-toolLyn Valve® RV Tool

Used for disassembly of Lyn Valve® RV Auto and Manual expulsion valves.





Lyn Valve® RV Auto Explusion Disassembly & Reassembly Instructional Video


Lyn Valve® RV Manual Disassembly & Reassembly Instructional Video

prodpic-lyn-valve-rv-wrenchLyn Valve® RV Wrench

Used for removal of valve insert from housing and/or to loosen outer aluminum nut.