Pee Wee® SI

Manually operated valve with high airflow capacity. Designed for upper limb sockets. Small and rugged, low profile design; only 9/16″ diameter by 1/4″ high (1/4″ high operator stem can be reduced in height by sanding). New or retro-installation outside of socket. Threaded Housing available for installation into soft thermoplastics. 


Pee Wee® SI Threaded Housing

prodpic-peewee-si-threadedFor installation of Pee Wee® SI into soft thermoplastics.






Multi-Valve Dissassembly Tool

Used for disassembly of Lyn Valve® BK/BK2, Pee Wee® SI, and Lyn Valve® RV Slide™ and for reassembly of Pee Wee® SI Valve.prodpic-separator


Pee Wee® SI Disassembly & Reassembly Instructional Video